Re: I could use the following NVDA help please


It is specific to the voice you are using. If you change voices, you asked about a female voice, you will have to do this again.
Open the voice settings dialog with control NVDA key v.
Tab a lot of times. You will find a check box that says something like say cap for capital letters. Check it with the space bar, then press enter. The dialog will close and the setting will be on.


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From: Ron Kolesar
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2021 1:20 PM
Subject: [nvda] I could use the following NVDA help please

. Hello, from Ron Kolesar.

I had to have my pc formatted.

How can I do the following two things within NVDA?

How can I have NVDA say cap when I do a uppercased letter?
How can I change the voice to a female voice?

Many thanks.


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