Re: I could use the following NVDA help please

Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...>

Both of those settings are in your speech settings. Press NVDA+N, then
go down to preferences, then down to speech. There's a checkbox right
there that says "say cap before typing capital letters," unchecked by
default. Your second query is a bit more complicated to answer, as I
don't know what voices you have installed, but the process is similar.
In that same dialog, there will be combo boxes for changing your
synthesizer, voice, and variant if you're using E-Speak, these might
look a bit different if you're using the Windows voices, but the
process is the same, just choose what you want from here. As for what
voices you have, someone else might be able to say more to what voices
come with Windows 10, but all I have on my computer is the E-Speak
voices and a male and female Microsoft voice.

On 2/10/21, Ron Kolesar <> wrote:
. Hello, from Ron Kolesar.

I had to have my pc formatted.

How can I do the following two things within NVDA?

1. How can I have NVDA say cap when I do a uppercased letter?
2. How can I change the voice to a female voice?

Many thanks.


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