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What are you trying to find with tab? If the purpose is to skip from link to link, use the letter k. That is the move by link command and often solves problems in cases where moving by tab through links doesn't work well.


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Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is what the UI
Automation checkbox under advanced in settings is for. I can't
remember what it was I was reading recently when I decided to try to
navigate by heading just for the heck of it and it actually worked.
Outlook seems to be a program where using UI Automation is a must, as
this has solved most of my problems with it. I do, however, think NVDA
does need a bit of improvement in the following areas when working
with Outlook:
1. When changing navigation methods, NVDA is quite slow to respond in
emails containing lots of graphics. For instance, I've talked a lot
about emails I get from Groupon on this list. When navigating those in
Outlook, I usually use NVDA+down arrow to read initially, then stop
it, and use tab to navigate. In some of those emails though, tab just
presents unlabeled links though, so I have to use NVDA+down to read
again. When doing this, there's a half second or so delay between the
time I give the read command and the time it actually starts reading.
2. When deleting an email from your deleted items folder, NVDA
sometimes reads the subject line of the just deleted message instead
of the subject line of the message you're currently viewing. When
deleting a message from the Inbox or a saved folder, NVDA says nothing
until you give it another command.
3. As discussed a month or so ago on this list, with certain versions
of Outlook, you have to use your down arrow key to read a suggestion
when typing an address in the to field of an email.
Hope this helps, and hope someone can correct me if I have the name of
that checkbox wrong, but I think it's use UI Automation.

On 2/10/21, Steve Nutt <steve@...> wrote:
Hi all,

I am testing an Email marketing platform called EmailOctopus for use in my

One thing I noticed about NVDA, having been a JAWS user for years, but now
moving over more to NVDA, is that it doesn't render HTML Emails correctly.

For example, you never see headings in Emails. If I send myself a test
message and read it in JAWS, I can jump with H to all the headings and know
that the formatting is correct. With NVDA, I just get No Next Heading. In
fact, all the formatting is completely shot.

Is there any way we could get NVDA to render Outlook HTML messages as they
should be rendered, with headings intact?

Thanks for any help.

All the best



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