NVDA and Kryterion

Janet Brandly

Hello all,


I have just received permission to try NVDA with Kryterion which is a global testing platform used by many educational institutions for their [program tests/exams. Until now, blind students needing to take exams through Kryterion either had to use an in-person reader or use a laptop especially provided for them with JAWS installed on it. Also, blind students have had to take tests at a specified testing center. Sighted students, on the other hand, are able to test at home and are proctered buy using a webcam. I understand that, this past summer, the NFB brought issues of unequal access to Kryterion forward ant the results were not satisfactory. If Kryterion can be used with NVDA, this will remove barriers to blind people who cannot afford, or don’t want to use JAWS. Has anyone else had similar experiences with Kryterion or other global testing platforms?



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