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David Goldfield

Hi, Steve.
In no way do I wish to invalidate your experiences with NVDA and Outlook. In some respects NVDA's access to Outlook messages could be improved. However, I just received an email newsletter from AIRA with headings separating each announcement. NVDA identified the headings as I would expect. How did you add headings to your test email? For reference I'm using Outlook 365 with RC 1 of NVDA 2020.4.
David Goldfield,
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On 2/10/2021 6:25 AM, Steve Nutt wrote:

Hi all,


I am testing an Email marketing platform called EmailOctopus for use in my business.


One thing I noticed about NVDA, having been a JAWS user for years, but now moving over more to NVDA, is that it doesn’t render HTML Emails correctly.


For example, you never see headings in Emails.  If I send myself a test message and read it in JAWS, I can jump with H to all the headings and know that the formatting is correct.  With NVDA, I just get No Next Heading.  In fact, all the formatting is completely shot.


Is there any way we could get NVDA to render Outlook HTML messages as they should be rendered, with headings intact?


Thanks for any help.


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