Re: I could use the following NVDA help please

Tony Ballou

Hi Ron,


Since I’m not sure of how familiar you are with NVDA I’ll give you all the steps in as orderly a fashion as I can. 


Both of the changes that you want to make are in the settings menu of NVDA.


To get there, press insert-N, the NVDA menu comes up and from there arrow down once for preferences sub-menu. Then press the right arrow and NVDA will say Settings. 

Press enter then from the list of categories arrow down once to the speech option and press tab which will take you into the speech properties dialog box.  The first control in there is an edit box which tells you what synthesizer you’re currently using.  If you tab once, NVDA will say change button.  Hit space on that and when the dialog box opens choose the synthesizer you want from the combo box then tab to ok. The change will take effect and from this point, you can then customize the voice settings. As you tab through the fields, you’ll see options to adjust the voice that you want, it’s speech rate, pitch, and volume, etc.  Once you have those controls set the way that you want, you can tab through the fields to the say capitals checkbox and check that. Once that’s checked, tab to apply then from there shift tab to ok and that’s it. 


Hope this helps.



From: Ron Kolesar
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2021 2:20 PM
Subject: [nvda] I could use the following NVDA help please


.               Hello, from Ron Kolesar.

I had to have my pc formatted.

How can I do the following two things within NVDA?

  1. How can I have NVDA say cap when I do a uppercased letter?
  2. How can I change the voice to a female voice?

Many thanks.



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