Detecting misalignment in Microsoft Word tables

Pranav Lal

Hi all,

Whenever I write text in a table, in Microsoft Word (any version including
word in office 365) I find that the table cell widths are misaligned that
is, some cells are too small, some are too big.
In addition, the text within these cells is not aligned correctly, Sighted
users seem to use the mouse to fix this.
Is there any way in NVDA to first detect a badly formatted table?
To reproduce this problem, do the following.

1. Create a table in Microsoft Word using the insert table menu.
I have selected to use fixed cell widths.
2. Type the contents of your table.
3. Be sure to insert a row into the table.
4. Type some more text.

Check with a sighted user, the table's formatting does not look right.

I realize I should be more specific but cannot be because my sighted
colleagues are unable to give me better descriptions.


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