Re: NVDA and Outlook messages


On Thu, Feb 11, 2021 at 10:12 AM, Steve Nutt wrote:
Headings are not exposed, certainly in the newsletter style Emails I both receive and write myself.
As Gene has suggested, having actual examples to examine and work with is the only way this will ultimately be solved.

And this could be another of the many instances where (and this is not a criticism, it may not even be intentional, some tools are weird) if some non-standard way was used of coding the HTML, certain screen readers will handle "confusing situations" more gracefully.  If the information is not "perfectly formatted" guesses have to be made, and depending on exactly how that's done one can end up with different results.

This is one of the main reasons for the old truism, "No matter what your favorite screen reader is, you need to have minimal proficiency with another, because there will be times where your favorite does not play well with something you need to access."

And none of the above is to say that there may not be an NVDA bug, but talking about this in the abstract, rather than testing with examples, is no way to determine that.

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