locked Re: Announcement Only: This Moderator's Expectations of Group Members #adminnotice

Nimer Jaber

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of things to add to this thread.

Anyone, of any skill level, is welcome to post to this group. If you have a question, it is appropriate of Brian to request that you do a bit of research before asking your question, and this is indeed, the expectation on many forums. It is also okay to say that you are new, you don't know how to search, you are a beginner computer user, etc., and you will be assisted gladly.
I repeat what I said a month ago or so. No matter what someone's vision level is, they are welcomed here, and will be treated with courteous respect. Vision should not be what divides us.
When we lock a thread, it is not because we don't wish to hear or address feedback. It is because often times, a topic has run its course, or a topic is best discussed elsewhere. Rarely, we may lock a thread which may be more technical in nature, even if it does pertain to NVDA, because that question is better discussed on a developer list, add-ons list, etc. We can all guide one another to resources wherever possible, which may be better suited to a query, and we can all make better use of the NVDA chat list for discussions not relevant to NVDA.
We have not removed anyone from the list for not doing research beforehand, or sending us feedback to the owner address, or whatever else, and we haven't restricted posting permissions, either. Netiquette is important to follow, but should not be the reason that you do not ask a question or seek assistance.
Finally, yesterday's events bothered me not because of the feedback provided, not because I don't want to hear feedback, but because of the manner it was delivered. It is never okay to restart a thread which has been locked, never okay to call out someone publicly acting in a moderator position on pretty much any forum or list, and certainly never okay to do so twice in one day.

I believe that many of the rules that Brian posted are common sense rules that apply to any forum on the web. Not quite as serious as flaming/posting about illegal software or posting pornography, but serious enough that, if not observed, there is a cause of annoyance for many, a cause for legitimate messages to be missed because of excess noise, and a cause of members who may ordinarily be here to choose to leave. I repeat, nobody has been removed for not doing research ahead of time, or even for re-opening a locked thread, but I ask that you consider your actions, intent, and whether what you have to say is NVDA/related, has been asked before recently, may be something easily discovered, and is something that should go out to the inbox of over 1300 members. I am not downplaying the seriousness of Brian's message, and he continues to enjoy my full support. I am, however, stating that nobody should be worried about whether or not they should be posting to the list, so long as messages follow list guidelines/rules. If you'd like a more relaxed place to ask questions about any topic, definitely check out the chat subgroup, and understand that this group will remain focused on the discussion of NVDA.

If you disagree with anything written by me or Brian, please reach out to nvda+owner@nvda.groups.io so that we can have an off-list cup of tea and chat about your concerns.

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