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On Thu, Feb 11, 2021 at 01:14 PM, Nimer Jaber wrote:
Anyone, of any skill level, is welcome to post to this group.
And I'm repeating this to reinforce it.  At the same time, if you are a complete neophyte, completely confused about something, or similar please do not hesitate to say so.  That's how your potential assistants can determine exactly how to assist you.

When you're helping someone you know (or have every reason to believe, if they've given no other information) is not a rank beginner with something you'll most likely give much more abbreviated information with much less "hand holding."

I don't presume that anyone who's joined one of these lists is likely to be a rank beginner, in any sense, because getting to the stage where you even join forums or email lists is "not beginner" for most.  It would be silly to presume that.  But if you are, there's no shame in saying that, and, in fact, there's value to saying that, both for yourself and your potential assistants.

We are here to serve everyone, and I think the track record of this group over the years proves that we do.

But I still ask that even complete beginners, to the extent that they can, think carefully about the subject they use in their messages, which becomes the topic.  That's often a "one shot deal" that, if vague, means you'll get far less assistance than you might have.  Try to give as clear a picture as you can about the assistance being sought with that subject.  Subjects like, "Help Me!," are really, really not useful to anyone.  Subjects like, "What's the NVDA command to {do whatever}," or, "I need help with getting NVDA to work with {insert Braille Display name here}," by contrast, are very, very helpful.

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