Re: List of shortcut keys for office 365 web interface?



            Could you please clarify the following?  The outset of your message makes it sound like the context is the online versions of the Office suite programs, and difficulty using them.  That part's clear.  And it seems you might be asking about shortcut keys related to those, but maybe not.

             But you then ask about opening a document (by which I take it to mean any one of the various programs' specific file types) in its corresponding desktop app, and I get the impression that you believe this can be a sort of "flip it out of online and into desktop" with no intervening steps kind of affair.  would that be correct?

              See this page from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Office of Information Technology:  Office 365 - Accessibility of Office Online
What follows seems to fill the bill with regard to "flipping into desktop Excel/Word/Powerpoint" from Office online, but there's other useful information as well:

Open with Office for desktop

Every Office Online file can be opened in its corresponding Office desktop program, by selecting Edit in (application name) from the Edit menu. To open your file with your desktop software using your keyboard:

  1. Press Tab until you get to the Edit menu.
  2. Press the Enter key.
  3. Choose the Edit in (application name) option.

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