Re: Application key is not functioning properly


Hmmm interesting you should mention this jean.

I have the unenviable issue of my keyboard hitting keys its not supposed to.

Sometimes double enter, double delete, or something is hit, double letters usually the first or last letter hit.

I have doodled with windows keyboard repeat rate which has helped a lot, and the blink rate but really who knows.

Its not happening with anyone else but on nvda on my amd and maybe other systems it will just do that.

Could be my mechanical is dirty, I havn't cleared it for ages and keep putting it off.

But it happens with other boards to.

99% of the time I catch it, double enters, double folders opening.

The latest windows update had a few things being messed up, bits of some stuff being clobbered on various drives, even without me typing, opening during a notification and a lot of folders and actions randomly executing, etc.

I was able to doodle with settings for keyboard, and refresh my firmware and it appears to be back to how it was before.

Who knows why things are screwing up.

I just pulled a language update to my language pack and things havn't screwed up much at least not as much as before.

So who knows.

At least its not a september 2019, that really sucked.

As long as the system continues to continue like it is now then I can continue to use it, really don't have time for a full reload to fix a stupid input device issue and that won't be for at least the next 2 months so lets hope it solves itself.

It seems ok in any case.

On 13/02/2021 4:49 am, Gene wrote:
I've had it happen where, when I'm running NVDA, the context menu key doesn't work and with JAWS, it does.  I have no idea what the problem is but rebooting always solves the problem.  Closing and rerunning NVDA doesn't solve it, rebooting does.

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It would really help to know exactly what version of Windows and NVDA you are running as well.

The application/context menu key is not driven by NVDA, or other screen readers, but by Windows itself.  It's an even bigger mystery why it would work when NVDA is not running then stop working when it is.

Have you done a restart on your computer?  If not, definitely do one and see what happens afterward.

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