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Ann Byrne

I am tinkering with tab stops. I want to know if the text I wrote before tabbing went past the first stop. JAWS tells me that when I am at the beginning of the line, I am one inch from the edge of my document, which has a one-inch margin. If I write something, I want to be able to know whether when I press tab I am at .5 inches, from margin, at 1.5 inches, etc.

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Ann,      Are you trying to determine what your margin is set at? ALT+P,M will bring up the Margins control in the Layout ribbon. The default is 1"/2.5cm on all margins unless another margin style was chosen. If the document is known to have custom margins, just add an A after the above command and you'll open the dialog that lets you adjust each, separately, which will tell you where you are on your page when you're at the leftmost edge that you can begin typing at.--

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