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Ann Byrne

Yes! that's what I was hoping for.


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NVDA+F might be able to tell you indentation level (including tabs).

By the way, the general command to obtain where the control is located in relation to the screen is nvDA+Numpad Delete (desktop layout; laptop: NvDA+Delete).



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By the way, this is the perfect example of a topic that quickly transformed to having nothing to do with NVDA. The initial question did, but based on my research it would be answered with a simple, "No." If I'm wrong, then someone jump in and give the NVDA command to produce this information, as it would be great if it exists, whether natively or as part of an add-on.

But if not, It belongs either on the Chat Subgroup or another group, such as the Microsoft Office Accessibility Discussion Group, as it is a deep-dive into the features of word. Not a single thing I've posted even fits being on-topic for this group.

I give a lot of latitude for single responses that likely solve an issue, as coming down about this kind of thing if an answer is available in a single reply wastes valuable space and time. But if we are going to continue any further discussion of this that's about Word, not NVDA, it really should not be happening in the NVDA main group, as it has nothing whatsoever to do with NVDA, but with Word. It's entirely screen reader agnostic.

I'm not exempt from the group rules, nor should I be. And when any member recognizes that what they're actually talking about isn't NVDA, even if it started out being about NVDA, and there's still a lot to say, then find the correct venue to discuss it. I'll see you either in the Chat Subgroup or Microsoft Office Accessibility Discussion Group if you do want to discuss Word further.

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