Kryterion, Imbedded objects ... what are they and how can I work with one?

Janet Brandly

Hello all,


AS some of you may know, I am trying to use Kryterion’s testing platform with NVDA. I will provide more details later; but for now, I am having an issue which I hope someone can help me with.


Part of the test involves transcribing from oral dictation, and part involves comparing and editing generated text from a dictation. One has to use a player to control the dictation … play, pause, etc. This player is apparently contained in what, when I navigate to it with the arrow keys, is described as an imbedded object. Kryterion’s documentation states that this player is only able to be operated with the mouse. Would someone out there be able to explain what this is and how I might work with these controls? I know NVDA does provide some mouse access from the keyboard and numpad, but I have not had to do this before and, I don’t know whether this would even work in this case. If someone is willing to contact me privately, I could provide my login details so you could have a look at it. If someone decides to do this, you would need to first install a “lock-down browser”. I had to get sighted assistance with this. I’m not a “power user” so it might be possible to install this without sighted assistance, I don’t know.


Thank you for reading and for any input you can provide.



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