resource monitor add-on or some other way?

Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...>

Hi all,
I was on the phone with a technician this morning for about an hour
because for the past several months, my computer has been running
quite slow. He recommended I replace my hard drive, as he noted the
hard drive response time was extremely slow. When we finally hung up,
I figured I'd get to my usual daily computer activities, but found
what shouldn't have been surprising, my computer was painfully slow.
So, I restarted it, and it turned out it was installing more updates.
Now, performance is back to normal, but I want to continue to monitor
my hard drive's response time before I spend the money for a new
drive. Is this something the Resource monitor add-on can do, or do I
need to do what he did and open task manager? If the latter, how do I
get NVDA to read this information?

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