Re: resource monitor add-on or some other way?


I don't think it's something Resource Monitor can obtain easily (the add-on uses Psutil, a process, disk, and CPU usage information library and I don't believe this library has what's needed to show you what's commonly called "disk activity" or throughput).
As an alternative, you can obtain disk usage info through Task Manager:
1. Open Task Manager (Control+Shift+Escape).
2. If not done so, select "more details".
3. Go to "performance" tab.
4. Under Performance, select the disk you wish to see its activity. You can then use object navigation or screen review to view disk usage information (screen review won't work on portable NVDA).

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Hi all,
I was on the phone with a technician this morning for about an hour because for the past several months, my computer has been running quite slow. He recommended I replace my hard drive, as he noted the hard drive response time was extremely slow. When we finally hung up, I figured I'd get to my usual daily computer activities, but found what shouldn't have been surprising, my computer was painfully slow.
So, I restarted it, and it turned out it was installing more updates.
Now, performance is back to normal, but I want to continue to monitor my hard drive's response time before I spend the money for a new drive. Is this something the Resource monitor add-on can do, or do I need to do what he did and open task manager? If the latter, how do I get NVDA to read this information?

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