Re: resource monitor add-on or some other way?

Bob Cavanaugh

The only thing running when he mentioned the slow hard drive response
time was Go to Assist, which is the program he was using to connect to
my machine. I had been running Firefox to get that program, and that's
my default browser these days. That being said though, I don't
experience the slow downs some other users were reporting unless I
have several windows open, though it does seem to overload much easier
than IE did. He tested the machine the same way Joseph told me to do,
go into task manager and on the performance tab and look at the drive
letter in question. I can't seem to get NVDA to read the information
wanted though. As I said in a previous message, I can get NVDA to tell
me that at the time, it was doing read/write requests 22% of the time,
but that's the only information I can get NVDA to read. It definitely
took longer than normal to reboot, as we hung up at 11:44 a.m.
according to my phone. I'd estimate it was about 10 minutes before I
finally said "screw it" and rebooted, as in that time I managed to get
iTunes to load and my phone to sync, but Firefox wouldn't load at all.
I got another phone call at 12:42 P.M. and it was about 7 minutes into
that call when NVDA started speaking, saying "working on updates."

On 2/12/21, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
If response time is back to normal, I am suspicious about the assertion that

the hard drive is the problem. We'll have to see if the updates and the
good response time are just a coincidence or not. But I would think that if

a computer is operating slowly, that might result in the hard drive doing
things slowly as well because a lot of things are slow and the hard drive
may be slowing down to accommodate that.

During the slow period, for example, if you were working on something like a

Word document, and you moved from line to line, was the computer slow in
reading the line you move to? That's one example of where actions are being

taken that have nothing to do with the hard drive. A good deal is done in
RAM and the hard drive isn't used. Loading a program is done from the hard

drive, but a program actually working isn't necessarily involving the hard

I don't know anything about how the tech tested the machine but I'm
suspicious of techs and often don't take with high confidence what they say,

especially if I know nothing about the quality of the tech.

Also, if general slowness of the hard drive were the problem, I would think

the machine might take a much longer time to reboot than usual. Was that
the case?

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Subject: [nvda] resource monitor add-on or some other way?

Hi all,
I was on the phone with a technician this morning for about an hour
because for the past several months, my computer has been running
quite slow. He recommended I replace my hard drive, as he noted the
hard drive response time was extremely slow. When we finally hung up,
I figured I'd get to my usual daily computer activities, but found
what shouldn't have been surprising, my computer was painfully slow.
So, I restarted it, and it turned out it was installing more updates.
Now, performance is back to normal, but I want to continue to monitor
my hard drive's response time before I spend the money for a new
drive. Is this something the Resource monitor add-on can do, or do I
need to do what he did and open task manager? If the latter, how do I
get NVDA to read this information?

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