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On 13/02/2021 7:04 pm, Gene wrote:
Further, object navigation is described as the equivalent of the Touch cursor in sme conversations I've seen on the NVDA users list.  But even though I think it can do the same or about the same things, I believe the interface is considerably different.  Its something I think that is best learned by mostly examples, having someone do something rather than by a lot of description.  Let us know when you want to learn it in a hands on way and I'll write something. Perhaps others will too.  There is a web page for people learning NVDA who know JAWS.  I haven't looked at it to any extent, but people say it is helpful.

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And to answer your other question, NVDA does have two review cursers. One is called object navigation, where you navigate via object, and another is called screen review which acts just like the JAWS curser.

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Subject: [nvda] Changing from JAWS 2018 to NVDA, some general questions

Hi folks,

I’m thinking about to replace my older JAWS to the newest NVDA build on my new computer which I’ll get next week.

For JAWS I am using several Script packages for some programs and now I want to know if there exists such addons or scripts for NVDA ttoo for the following programs:

Samplitude X5, Sound Forge Pro 14, Reaper.

And I’ve also some general questions concerrnning the handling of NVDA:

Are there some functions similar to the touch cursor or JAWS cursor in JAWS?

Thank you for your assistance.



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