Re: resource monitor add-on or some other way?


Hi Nolan,
Firefox on windows with all screenreaders used became a resources nightmare.
I gave up using it for a good few months now, much better overall PC
usage with Chrome, Edge, and waterfox classic packed with a ton of

On 2/13/21, Nolan Darilek <> wrote:
I'm a bit hesitant to wade into this, but I too am a bit suspicious by the
jump directly to HD issues.

Long shot, but you're not running Firefox or Thunderbird by chance, are

I've been having some odd, regular slowdowns recently. My PC is fairly
high-power--I7, 8 cores, 32 GB of RAM, a few years old but not
under-powered. Windows installation is only a few months old, but
previously it ran Linux and barely broke a sweat. Under Windows, I got
about a day or two of use before I often had to hard powercycle the
machine. Task Manager didn't give me much that was reliable. Antimalware
Service was often high on the performance list, but not reliably. I
couldn't trace it to a specific action or change--my CPU fan would
eventually go crazy, and my entire system would slowly go unresponsive.

Eventually I tracked it to Firefox. Killing Firefox always replaced the
need for a reboot. Tried debugging Firefox further--disabling some
extensions, using Nightly, etc. Nothing reliably fixed it. I'm also
using a few layers of ad blocking, and while the blocking itself may
have slowed things down a bit, I imagine the code that was blocked and
didn't run probably cancelled out the extra effort the blockers made
filtering it out. So it likely wasn't any page in particular, and none
reliably caused this behavior either.

Now I'm running Brave, and the problems are mostly gone. I do, however,
experience slowdowns when working in Thunderbird, particularly when
opening a message. Yes, I've seen the Thunderbird speedup tips recently,
but I don't feel like those helped, particularly since things worked
fine under Linux.

Starting to wonder if there's some Gecko NVDA regression, or maybe a
Gecko regression with the underlying a11y APIs. Haven't tried diagnosing
it further, but as a developer that's kind of what this feels like.
Wondering if you might be hitting this too. Are you running FF, and if
so, does killing it get your performance back? I guess this could be
non-a11y-related, or maybe an issue with crappy drivers, but if this
regression were more mainstream then I can't imagine it wouldn't be high
priority and fixed. That's why I suspect something in the a11y stack.

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