Re: Is Anydesk Accessible?


unfortunately anydesk is not accessible.
you can navigate between messages and items only by nvda object
navigation or screen review.
i emailed anydesk support about accessibility.
they told me that many people should vote

for anydesk accessibility,
and if we recieve many votes,
we make anydesk accessible for screen readers.

On 2/14/21, Chris Smart <> wrote:
A friend is being asked to use Anydesk by a company during their tech
support process. I suggested he try to talk them into using Teamviewer

Is Anydesk at all accessible with NVDA?

The company involved needs remote access, or at the very least, needs to
see his screen.

I suppose if it comes to it, he can hold his phone up to the screen on
Facetime or similar video chat app.

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