Re: Reporting a false positive finding in Windows Security using NVDA

Sarah k Alawami

I don’t mind filling in all the info, this way I have full control, and can write up a description myself. I need to do that for several apps actually this week that I have that are reporting false positives. Like I said they are very good at reviewing the results we give them.


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It would actually be really useful if defender had an option to upload a detection to the servers from within the app. The submition URL requires an MS account to track submissions and the process of filling out all the info is rather tedious. 

On 2/14/2021 12:17 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

And, since I've participated, and I will say that certain things like knowing how to report False Positives to the maker of your security suite are really important and I'd let them slide anyway, this is a perfect example of a topic that also has nothing to do with NVDA, per se.  The question is really screen reader agnostic.  The same answers, as far as Feedback Hub, the link in Windows Security (which, by the way, opens Feedback Hub), and the direct report URL (, would all have been exactly the same regardless of the screen reader in use.

But this kind of information that is so important to know, for all computer users, it warrants a "bending of the rules."

It's also a perfect example, though, of the point I was trying to make in the group rule, restated here: ". . . before you post a message you have to consider whether the question you are about to ask is actually about NVDA itself, or about the program you’re using it to access.  Questions of the form, How do I use . . . with NVDA?, are very seldom about NVDA, but are almost always about the program being accessed with NVDA."   If the "with NVDA?," could be substituted by, "with JAWS?," or "with Narrator?," that tells you the question isn't really about the screen reader, but about what's being accessed using the screen reader.

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