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Dear Group

I was recently asked to install NVDA on a laptop with Windows Vista.  My colleague downloaded NVDA 2016.3 and we have tried everything to install it, reinstalled a few times and even installed as administrator.

This laptop was donated by someone and is exceedingly slow.  In addition, we had to remove AVG anti-virus so that NVDA could install.


Everytime I install NVDA it runs well up until the computer or NVDA is restarted, then it refuses to speak and gives the following error message:  A referal was returned from the server.


Finally, the other fishy thing is, that NVDA does not give the option to start up after log on at all,, not even in t general menu. 


Does anyone know what the possible problem could be and how it can be fixed.  This person needs the laptop as soon as possible for a learnership.


Kind regards




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