Taemporarily disabling AVG Protection correction

Chris Mullins

In my original post I made an error regarding activating the AVG context menu when I said use Numpad 8 when I should have put Numpad 9 to simulate a right click.  Apologies, corrected instructions follow:


  1. Press Windows+b to move to the system tray.

2Press enter on the Notifications chevron button.

3 Use arrow keys to scroll the overflow notifications list until you locate the AVG anti-virus button.

4 Press NVDA+numpad 8 to move mouse focus to the AVG button

5 Press Numpad 9 to activate the AVG context menu (Note: i can’t get the Applications key to invoke the AVG context menu, hence the 2 step process)

6. ‘Temporarily disable AVG protection’ appears in the Context menu list.


When you activate the disable option, a dialog appears with various warnings about removeing protection and instructions about re-enabling it.  You can also set a timer to automatically re-enable protection after a certain time has elapsed.





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