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That might solve the problem or even using the command NVDA key control r once, which reloads settings from the saved configuration. But this will only possibly work if you haven't shut down and restarted NVDA. NVDA, in a setting I think is a very bad one, just asking to cause trouble, by default, saves settings when it is shut down. So if something changed the settings and you close the program, the setting or settings that are causing the problem will be saved and the settings you want will be lost. I've said a number of times in the past that automatically saving settings should not be the default but there is no interest in changing the setting.

Also, during the time Window-eyes was in wide use, one of its advantages was considered to be that you could change settings and they wouldn't be permanently saved until you manually permanently saved them. This allowed users to experiment with different settings without fear that they had lost the settings they usually use. This was especially valuable for new users.


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You might also try pressing NVDA+CTRL+R three times quickly. This
reverts your NVDA settings to factory defaults.

Am Mo., 15. Feb. 2021 um 12:07 Uhr schrieb Gene <>:

You might be able to continue to use NVDA by running it from the exxe file,
using the continue option after you accept the license. You won't be
running the installed version and can uninstall it and then unload and run
the exe file again and reinstall NVDA. Iff you are more comfortable using
NVDA, you can try that and see if it runs properly from the exe file.

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Was funny for a while especially when it got the hicups and couldn't stop
but then the frustration took over. Smiles.


On 2/15/2021 9:30 AM, Arlene wrote:

Yes, good old Narrator. About NVDA speeding up and getting stuck like an old
record. Lol! In all seriousness that’s creepy. Sorry you went through that
kind of frustration. Glad you got it fixed. That’s craziness. No wonder
some people leave Windows and go to I Pad or tablet.

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in such cases, a valuable strategy would be to use Narrator to get

through the rough spots, at least if this happens on Windows 10.



Am So., 14. Feb. 2021 um 21:39 Uhr schrieb Hettie

Hi all
NVDA suddenly started talking non-stop. At times it was talking so fast
that it kept making funny noises like an old-time vinel record when it
got stuck.
It was so frustrating to restart the computer with no normal NVDA.
Restarting NVDA did not work either. The last option was to re-install
it again as not even the fixing tool was able to restore nvda. That was
easier said than done as it was almost impossible to find the folder it
is saved in while the babbeling went onand then to find the installation
file by pressing N.
It now works properly again. Never experianced this problem before.
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