A Note on Settings in General


Several recent topics point out just how important it is to have recorded settings you have elected to change that are not default behaviors.  In the case of this group, for NVDA in particular, but the principle is more broad.

Most of us spend a lot of time customizing things to our own personal liking, and that most often comes about by changing settings of one kind or another.  Over time, if you do not keep a record of what you've done in which things, you will eventually forget what those were.  When you need to redo them at a later point on a new computer, or after someone has had to do a completely fresh install of your operating system and application software, it can be maddening to try to re-create the working environment you had.

I have been as guilty of not creating a record as anyone.  But having an MS-Word or Notepad document, where your tweaks by software title or website or whatever had the tweaks made are kept, will come to the rescue of your sanity and sense of composure at some point.  It's the exact when that's unknown.

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