Re: NVDA goes mad


On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 11:05 AM, Gene wrote:
I say it is bad because it leads to unanticipated trouble for people and most people don't even know about it in case they would want to change it.
Which is true about any blessed default you can name.  There is nothing difficult about the concept that most people (including myself) have no idea of what most of the defaults are for any piece of software they use.

Any one of these has the potential to cause trouble.  It's that simple.

I dislike a lot of defaults, vehemently, but my personal disposition toward any one of them really doesn't make it bad for everyone, or even, perhaps, for the majority.  Defaults must be chosen, and we each like or dislike those choices, but trying to argue that any given switch should be on or off because someone might not know that something might or might not happen is an invalid argument, because it is always true, no matter what the choice.

There is a reason that the charming old saying, RTFM, exists.  You can change that M to H for Help, or D for documentation, or whatever.  But the need for people to consult reference material will never go away, and there will never be an ideal default for everyone.

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