Re: Changing from JAWS 2018 to NVDA, some general questions


On Sat, Feb 13, 2021 at 01:04 AM, Gene wrote:
It's [object navigation] something I think that is best learned by mostly examples, having someone do something rather than by a lot of description.
Something upon which we're in complete agreement.

I actually think this is true of all things screen reader related for first-time users of a screen reader.  Descriptions of what to do and what happens are so much less effective than hands-on experience with trying something and seeing what happens, or doesn't happen.

The welcome message for the group includes the following, "Like all screen readers, it is a tool for accessing something else, and really serves no other purpose.  Its function as an accessibility tool is, of course, its reason for being."  It's impossible to discuss a screen reader and its functions meaningfully without direct reference to what you're actually trying to access with it, as that's the only way that screen reader commands come into use.  It's just so much easier to apply to real world examples of things being accessed.

But we have also discussed, and I believe agreed, that it's also important that one develop the habit of knowing in one's own mind what's a Windows command, versus an NVDA command (or other screen reader command), and an application program command.  That definitely makes things easier if and when you start working with another screen reader, as neither Windows or application program commands change regardless of the screen reader in use.

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