Re: Looking for USB driver for Pac Mate Omni BX 400 on Windows 10

Mallard <mallard@...>

Hello, I think I have the right driver.

I have a Pac Mate pm 40, and the driver is the same as that of Focus.

Let me fetch it for you, and I'll send a dropbox link here.

so anyone else who might need it can benefit.

Here you go:


On 10/01/2021 06:23, Dan Miner via wrote:

Someone gave me a 40 cell braille display and it’s quite old but appears functional.  I just can’t get  it talking to my system.  It’s one of those PDA and display with a braille keyboard.  I found a thread in this very mailing list that seems to addressed a very similar model with same problem.  Sadly, the link to the USB driver in Ollie’s DropBox is dead. <>

Anyone have that USB driver or know how to reach someone with it?  It’s impossible to find so far…


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