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I looked at it very briefly awhile ago out of curiosity. I still have it on one of my machines and unless others discuss Wave Pad, I'll write a little about it after I look at it and play with it a little again to refresh my memory. This may be a case where screen review, object navigation, or both, are necessary to get good access to the program.

Aside from that, are there certain specific things you want to do with the programs? If so, telling us what they are may result in discussions of the best programs to do those specific things. the programs you are asking about may be the best or there may be better ones even if accessibility or usability is good for all of them.


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Sent: Thursday, February 18, 2021 7:12 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] MixPad and WavePad - NCH Software

I don't use either of those, but I do use the zulu dj software.
For basic stuff it is accessible, but the buttons are not labeled and you
cant speed up and slow down pitch with keyboard.
But for basic dj'ing and crossfading and cuing it works great.
Hope this helps

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Subject: [nvda] MixPad and WavePad - NCH Software

Hi All,

Does anyone have any information about using NCH software's WavePad and
MixPad with NVDA? I'm not getting much speech feedback adding tracks and in
general and just wanted to see if anyone had info about a tutorial for
either or both for NVDA users.

Thanks, Jonathan

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