Re: MixPad and WavePad - NCH Software

Giles Turnbull

Hi Jonathan. I use Wavepad every week to edit mp3 recordings and, although I don't do much that is advanced, I'm not sure that it will do what you're hoping it will. I don't think it lets you add tracks in the way that Audacity or Cubase will. I've used it to copy parts of an mp3 and save it as a separate track and then inserted it at a specific point in a different mp3 but I don't think you can put that section as a second track with the other mp3 as track 1. Something I used to do in Cubase was to record different instruments on their own tracks and then choose which tracks to have muted and which to leave unmuted, which is something I think you can do in audacity but not Wavepad.

Regarding accessibility with NVDA, I find Wavepad very accessible. I did have a small problem with an update once ... I use Wavepad mostly to amplify tracks, and one update made the amplification settings dialogue inaccessible, and they also changed the interface which I didn't like. I switched back to the version I'm using now, 7.12 and am very happy with it. I use the paid Masters Edition and I can also say that their tech support is very helpful if ever I've had a question.


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