Re: NVDA 2020.4 rc1

Dave Grossoehme

Good Morning:  Is it returning to the task bar?


On 2/14/2021 10:07 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
A question: After you have closed the program, can you press alt+tab, and hear
how many programs windows thinks you have open?
For example, close Thunderbird, and it doesn't return you to the desktop.

Then, hold down alt, and repeatedly press tab. It will say something like:
program name, row 1, column 1. Program name, row 1, column 2. And so on. How
many columns does it say you have?

If you get any more than one column, then you have something open you may not
know about. Perhaps you aren't hearing the desktop, because it's returning to
an inaccessible window, or a non-speaking Windows notification, or some such.


On Sun, 14 Feb 2021, Don H wrote:

Running NVDA 2020.4 RC1 on a Win 10 20h2 system. When returning to the
desktop after closing something like Thunderbird or MS edge it seems you are
not back to the desktop. Prir to this RC1 when closing edge or thunderbird
NVDA would announce desktop and the icon you were on. Now it says nothing

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