hi. if i am correct, an antivirus recognizes nvda dangerous and
actually if i am correct, its A.v.g antivirus.
i read that we use in this case a sighted person to say to this
antivirus nvda is not harmful.
and also nvda 2016.1 and later, needs one important update to be
installed in using nvda with windows vista.
see nvda, help, user guide and system requirements.
because 2015 is the best version for me, i return to that and dont
have 2016 to say exactly what update is.
God bless you.

On 9/8/16, Andre Fisher <> wrote:
Check if all updates are installed using Windows Update

On 9/8/16, Heaven Botma <> wrote:
Dear Group

I was recently asked to install NVDA on a laptop with Windows Vista. My
colleague downloaded NVDA 2016.3 and we have tried everything to install
reinstalled a few times and even installed as administrator.

This laptop was donated by someone and is exceedingly slow. In addition,
had to remove AVG anti-virus so that NVDA could install.

Everytime I install NVDA it runs well up until the computer or NVDA is
restarted, then it refuses to speak and gives the following error
A referal was returned from the server.

Finally, the other fishy thing is, that NVDA does not give the option to
start up after log on at all,, not even in t general menu.

Does anyone know what the possible problem could be and how it can be
This person needs the laptop as soon as possible for a learnership.

Kind regards

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