Re: Problem with instalation of Vocalizer driver


Well , you have answered your own question!


As the notification says, Either downgrade NVDA or update the vocalizer add-on





From: Tea Turković
Sent: 19 February 2021 12:36
To: nvda
Subject: [nvda] Problem with instalation of Vocalizer driver


Hi all,


I am trying to install Vocalizer expressive driver add-on version

3.0.14 on the PC at my job, and I have an issue with instalation of

mentioned add-on.


When I try to install the driver add-on, I get the following message:

Add-on not compatible: Instalation of Vocalizer expressive 1.1 driver

3.0.14 has been blocked. An updated version of this add-on is

required, the minimum add-on API supported by this version of NVDA is



I have NVDA version 2020.4, Windows 10 build 14393.

I have been trying to install this add-on since NVDA 2020.1, but same

message appeared every time.


How can I fix this issue and install the driver?


Many thanks in advance!


Kind regards,

Tea Turkovic






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