Re: nvda and the calculator app



Are you talking about NVDA not saying “Display is …” whenever you enter numbers? If so, this is intentional. Imagine a situation where you are entering numbers with speak typed characters enabled. NVDA will actually announce numbers twice – the number you typed and the expression window content. This is caused by UI Automation implementation, and based on Calculator app source code and years of experience with this app, the app module for Calculator was modified so that NVDA will say “Display is …” when you press Enter, Numpad Enter, or Escape.

This change didn’t actually originate with NVDA 2020.4 – it was one of the first things included in Windows 10 App Essentials add-on in 2015 (shortly before its public debut in December 2015 to be exact). I was waiting for the right moment to submit the app module for Calculator to NV Access, and that came in 2019 when someone (not me) requested the current behavior. For this reason, I’m testing a version of my add-on with the bulk of Calculator app module code removed from the add-on to test compatibility with post-2020.4 releases.




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Sent: Friday, February 19, 2021 6:46 AM
Subject: [nvda] nvda and the calculator app


since nvda 2020.4 the voices doesn't announce the calculation results anymore automatically. it would be nice if they could be make able to do that again.

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