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            Absolutely correct.  And while I have no issue at all with any member soliciting information about whether others are having sudden issues with software they've been using forever, even if it's out of support, the only thing further to say is, "You need to update."

             The group rules about this are very, very clear:

Unsupported versions of any software may only be discussed on the Chat Subgroup, not the main NVDA Group. 

Windows:  Only Windows 8.1 and currently supported versions of Windows 10.  Members should refer to the Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet to determine which versions of Windows are currently supported.  Information about the dates on which specific versions of Windows 10 reached or will reach their end of service dates is listed there as well and will be updated as new versions are released. 

Note that it is acceptable to direct a user to the NVAccess or Microsoft sites where older versions can be downloaded, however, this is different than supporting a specific version of software or operating system.

NVDA:  NVDA has, at any given time, a single version under active support.  If a question arises about how to update to that version, and you’re on an earlier version, that will be permitted as transition problems can occasionally occur.


Those rules exist simply because there is a certain contingent of users (and I am not saying that Marcia is among them, because I don't know that, but we've all seen 'em) that simply will not accept two things:

1. All software has a finite service life.

2. It is entirely unreasonable to expect perpetual backward compatibility from any piece of software.  This is even more true now in the era of "Software As A Service," and it's not just Windows 10 that falls into that broad category.  The release schedule for NVDA has had that be what it is, in essence, for some time now.

We're now almost six years in to the Windows 10 era, and Windows 7 is officially completely out of support.  The Windows ecosystem is now the Windows 10 (with some Windows 8.1, but the writing's on the wall now for it, too) ecosystem, period.

It is essential that folks keep their systems up to date, and I have had one, and only one, Windows 7 machine that couldn't update to Windows 10, and that was due to the graphics hardware maker refusing to create a compatible driver.  Everything else would have happily gone along.

Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 20H2, Build 19042  

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