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Actually, Brian, I think you are wrong. The views set in the "Browse" dialogs seam to be independent from the ones set in Windows Explorer windows, strange as it may be as a behavior.

I went in both my personal "Downloads" folder (the one in my user's personal folder) and the one in "This PC" and disabled the grouping by date and set the sorting to be by name instead of by day (it was set so by me a long time ago for the folder in "This PC", but it was not for the one in my personal folder). Now it is set to no grouping and sorting by name for both places, but when I invoked a "Browse" dialog from a program (I tried in Audacity, Balabolka and Notepad++) and navigated to the "Downloads" folder, the view in both "Downloads" folders was set to grouping and sorting by date.

To disable the grouping and sorting by date in both "Downloads" folders for the "Browse" dialogs, the user has to invoke such a dialog from a program, navigate to the two folders, invoke the context menu for the folder (with nothing selected) and do it from there as it is done for the standard Windows Explorer windows. The setting is saved and applied for each "Browse" dialog, no matter from which program is invoked.

Hope this helps.

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На 19.2.2021 г. в 21:28, Brian Vogel написа:


            By the way, those are called "browse dialogs."  You use 'em in any program when you're trying to either open a file, or save it (or save it as, the last two depend on whether it's ever been saved and whether you're changing the name).

             That being said, unless you intentionally changed something at some point, no browse dialog should open a folder with a view other than what it's set to under Windows 10.  Double check that you do indeed have Group by turned off, and that the primary sort on the Downloads folder is by Name.

              I have just gone through every button on the Browse Dialog used for opening a file, including those you access once you land on the Organize button and right arrowing from there, and I can find absolutely nothing that allows you to turn on grouping (or remove it) in the Browse Dialog.

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