Re: Browse Dialogs with NVDA


On Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 03:14 PM, Kostadin Kolev wrote:
invoke the context menu for the folder (with nothing selected) and do it from there as it is done for the standard Windows Explorer windows. The setting is saved and applied for each "Browse" dialog, no matter from which program is invoked.
And I'm not doubting what you've said here, I just have never, ever experienced it, particularly in regard to grouping by date, etc.

I've tweaked sort order or actual item view many times.  And I have no idea how grouping would come to be turned on anywhere unless someone (or something, in the case of an update) turned it on.  Right now, when I open my Downloads folder in the Browse Dialog, it is grouped because I left the File Explorer view that way after I took a few days and decided that what I thought I'd hate was something I really loved.  But all other folders, no.  It follows the File Explorer view for that given folder.

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