problem with the group site, can't seem to see reply to sender on all messages

Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...>

Well, this is kind of annoying. As Brian has asked that we take the
discussion of browse dialogs off this list, I was going to reply to
Patrick privately asking for steps on how he turns grouping off in
browse dialogs, as I see no way to do it, but I couldn't find the
reply to sender link on his message. Looking over some of the other
messages, I didn't see it on all messages either. It was only on
certain messages. I have two requests:
1. Could Brian or the group owner look into this? I thought the reply
to sender link was supposed to be at the bottom of every email, but it
appears it isn't.
2. Could Patrick or anyone else who has successfully turned off
grouping in browse dialogs write me privately with the steps on how to
do this? I've been able to turn it off in main file explorer, though
it somehow got turned on again today and I had to Google how to turn
it off again, but it still won't turn off in the browse dialogs. Also
FYI, this isn't a new problem for me, I've actually been putting up
with it for about 15 months, just now getting around to fixing it.

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