Big problems with Microsoft word 365

Cristina Ebetiuc <ebetiucristina@...>

Good day eveybody!

Does someone from you have the following Problem as well?

Can’t assighn heading. When Pressing alt+1 or going into the style to Chose the headings NVDA and Word Freeze. I have to Restart NVDA and then I also have to Restart word. The same happens also when I move through tables with tab or shift plus tab. When I want to turn the UIa-automation for Word  both programs freze again and after restarting the box for the UIa-automation is still checked. I can’t send loggs unfortunately because it frezes and I have to Restart it gain. Restarting does not work from the first time I have to wait aproximately  30 seconds. NVDA also freezes when I move between the lines in word, too. But this happens for a very short time.

I am Looking foreward to receiving your feetback!



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