Re: problem with the group site, can't seem to see reply to sender on all messages


On Sat, Feb 20, 2021 at 12:41 AM, Bob Cavanaugh wrote:
1. Could Brian or the group owner look into this? I thought the reply
to sender link was supposed to be at the bottom of every email, but it
appears it isn't.
Believe me, I have spent months looking into this, and with no resolution.

It does appear to have something to do with whether a given user, who's using the email interface, is using HTML formatted email (which is pretty much the default these days) versus plain text, but even that does not map perfectly.

The issue has been reported to support and that's the best I can do about it.  I encourage members to keep HTML formatting turned on in their email clients for multiple reasons, not just this one.  I do not yet have an example of someone who uses HTML format having a missing Reply to Sender link at the bottom of their messages.

And I stand by my recommendation of last night to first use an SFC/DISM run to see if that fixes your issue, followed by a Windows 10 Repair Install.  I cannot find a single other person who's experiencing what you're experiencing in browse dialogs for ungrouped folders.  I'm not doubting that you're experiencing it, but I do believe that something's wrong in Windows itself that needs to be fixed.

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