Re: NVDA keyboard help please


I doubt you did anything.  There is no single command to take the action that has happened.  I think it is very likely that you are having a problem I have off and on.  All my modifier keys stop working. 
Unload the program and run it again.  To unload it, open the system tray, Windows key b, and type n until you get to the NVDA icon. 
Open the context menu however you usually do it.  Up arrow to exitand press enter.  Then, press it again in a moment.
Now, run NVDA again.  The probem will very likely be solved.
I don't know how many people have this problem and how often.  I use Windows 7 so I haven't reported the problem.  I have no idea if I would have it or have it at all often in Windows 10.

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA keyboard help please

I am not sure how I did this, but I disabled my NVDA keys, not only numlock zero key, but as if that wasn't enough, the capslock key also. How can I restore that? Thank you so much.

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