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I don't think your message addresses the problem.  The problem has nothing to do with double key strokes, it is that the NVDA keys don't work.
There may be another reason for this problem, which has come to light on another list. 
After a Windows update, someone no longer can use the JAWS key.  Since that is the same key as the NVDA key, it raises the question as to whether a Windows update has caused this problem for some users.  I don't know if the problem occurred immediately after the update or if it happened a little later, which may be important in whether it is the update or a keyboard problem. 
As I recall, in a later message, the person reports that their insert key no longer works at all.  Again, that may be an update problem or a keyboard problem.  We may get more information later.

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Well I havn't had this, from time to time my enter key double presses and at one stage it got so bad that my system was deleting and doing all sorts of things.

I was about to just reformat when I noticed my usb hub that runs just about everything was turning off and on all the time.

I traced it to a faulty port on the power cube and have it plugged into my dedicated power cube on my desk.

This does use another port but that doesn't matter.

A lot of things have changed since I got upgrades to my room so who knows.

Double enter happens from time to time but its more annoying than anything else.

Sometimes keyboard focus switches due to something pressing itself but I just have to be aware and type slower and not be in a hurry while managing files.

Eventually I may have to replace this mechanical down the road.

Thank god I never eat or drink at the terminal, a thing some friends, students at my flat and family have a habbit of doing.

Computers do not mix with  human consumables.

On 22/02/2021 4:15 am, Gene wrote:
I doubt you did anything.  There is no single command to take the action that has happened.  I think it is very likely that you are having a problem I have off and on.  All my modifier keys stop working. 
Unload the program and run it again.  To unload it, open the system tray, Windows key b, and type n until you get to the NVDA icon. 
Open the context menu however you usually do it.  Up arrow to exitand press enter.  Then, press it again in a moment.
Now, run NVDA again.  The probem will very likely be solved.
I don't know how many people have this problem and how often.  I use Windows 7 so I haven't reported the problem.  I have no idea if I would have it or have it at all often in Windows 10.
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA keyboard help please

I am not sure how I did this, but I disabled my NVDA keys, not only numlock zero key, but as if that wasn't enough, the capslock key also. How can I restore that? Thank you so much.

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