Re: Zoom Enhancements add-on

Ann Byrne

alt-h should take you to the chat window.

At 07:53 PM 2/21/2021, you wrote:
Hi all,
The meeting I've mentioned before where I will need access to the
chats as they come in is tonight. When I posted the question of how to
get NVDA to read chats in Zoom, I saw a suggestion of download the
Zoom Accessibility Enhancements add-on and toggle all alerts to on. I
was going to take that suggestion, but when looking at the page for
that add-on, it says the latest version of NVDA it is compatible with
is 2020.2, and I'm running 2020.4. Will this work? Since my meeting
starts in about 35 minutes, I probably won't download the add-on
tonight, but was wondering if it worked.

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