Re: Zoom Enhancements add-on

Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...>

The issue, as I have stated before, isn't accessing the chat window as
it appears, but rather being alerted somehow that there is something
there for me to access. With NVDA 2020.4 and no add-on, it looks like
the chat messages are not read, but there was only one chat message
tonight and it looks like I caught it right away simply by routinely
checking, but I'd rather not have to constantly check the window.

On 2/21/21, Ann Byrne <> wrote:
alt-h should take you to the chat window.
At 07:53 PM 2/21/2021, you wrote:
Hi all,
The meeting I've mentioned before where I will need access to the
chats as they come in is tonight. When I posted the question of how to
get NVDA to read chats in Zoom, I saw a suggestion of download the
Zoom Accessibility Enhancements add-on and toggle all alerts to on. I
was going to take that suggestion, but when looking at the page for
that add-on, it says the latest version of NVDA it is compatible with
is 2020.2, and I'm running 2020.4. Will this work? Since my meeting
starts in about 35 minutes, I probably won't download the add-on
tonight, but was wondering if it worked.

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