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Quentin Christensen

As Brian includes as the first step in his troubleshooting guide, have you restarted the PC?  This is particularly important if you have recently updated either NVDA or Office.

Also which exact version of NVDA and which exact build of Office are you using?  For me, running NVDA 2020.4 on Windows 10 (64-bit) Version: 2009, Build: 19042 and using Office 365 (64-bit) Version: 16.0.13628.20346, I can add headings and change font style in Word and it works fine for me.  (which is not to say there may not be an error, just, if there is, it must not be happening for everyone in every situation).

A couple of other things to note:
- The shortcut for setting heading level 1 in Word is control+alt+1.  Alt+1 runs the first item on the Quick Access Toolbar (which I believe is toggling autosave on and off).

- NVDA does not report style changes by default.  Press NVDA+control+d to open NVDA's document formatting settings, tab to "Style" and press spacebar to check this checkbox.  Press ENTER to close the settings, and NVDA+control+c to save the settings.

Also, if you have been modifying the settings, have you set NVDA to use UI Automation in Microsoft Word controls?  it's an advanced setting, but if you have, that may make a difference (even if you have, it shouldn't crash NVDA).



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Thank you. I tried out the solutions and I can change etween browse and focus mode but it does not help. 

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         Your last message contained no material from you, just the quotation of my prior post.  I'm presuming you meant to say and/or ask something, so I'm letting you know.


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