Re: Oddity With NVDA And Thunderbird with Inbox status Line

Gianluigi Coppelletti


the easiest solution to this oddity, that was suggested by our friend DJ Raf in the italian list, is the following:

1 press NVDA+n;

2 choose Preferences, then Punctuation and symbols;

3 press shift+tab to go to the search box and type filled down;

4 press tab, and you should be on the symbol that you are looking for. If you are not on the right position, press up/down arrow to locate it. You can also search for the word filled only, but you'll have to press down arrow about 12 times;

5 press tab twice and select "most" or "all" with up/down arrows. I think that this depends on your current punctuation verbosity. If it is set to "some", the option "most" should be O.K.;

6 press tab to the O.K. button and press enter.

I hope that it'll work for you as it worked for me.



Il 21/02/2021 22.51, Ron Canazzi ha scritto:

Hi Group,

I tried following the steps indicated in this thread but it did not work. Actually what it should be saying is the word unread in place of that symbol., When I tried using the ▾  as the pattern and replacing it with the word unread, nothing changed.

On 2/21/2021 4:24 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
Even though this topic was launched first, the more recent one asking about this issue has a title that is far more indicative regarding the actual issue:  Oddity With NVDA And Thunderbird with Inbox status Line

Thus, this topic, +Strange thing in Nvda, shall be merged into the more descriptive one as soon as I finish posting this message.  If others wish to discuss workarounds further, please post to the "Oddity" topic.

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