Re: Oddity With NVDA And Thunderbird with Inbox status Line

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the easiest solution to this oddity, that was suggested by our friend DJ Raf in the italian list, is the following:

1 press NVDA+n;

2 choose Preferences, then Punctuation and symbols;

3 press shift+tab to go to the search box and type filled down;

4 press tab, and you should be on the symbol that you are looking for. If you are not on the right position, press up/down arrow to locate it. You can also search for the word filled only, but you'll have to press down arrow about 12 times;

5 press tab twice and select "most" or "all" with up/down arrows. I think that this depends on your current punctuation verbosity. If it is set to "some", the option "most" should be O.K.;

6 press tab to the O.K. button and press enter.

I hope that it'll work for you as it worked for me.



Il 21/02/2021 22.51, Ron Canazzi ha scritto:

Hi Group,

I tried following the steps indicated in this thread but it did not work. Actually what it should be saying is the word unread in place of that symbol., When I tried using the ▾  as the pattern and replacing it with the word unread, nothing changed.

On 2/21/2021 4:24 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
Even though this topic was launched first, the more recent one asking about this issue has a title that is far more indicative regarding the actual issue:  Oddity With NVDA And Thunderbird with Inbox status Line

Thus, this topic, +Strange thing in Nvda, shall be merged into the more descriptive one as soon as I finish posting this message.  If others wish to discuss workarounds further, please post to the "Oddity" topic.

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