problem filling out web form

Don H

Running Win 10 20h2 and NVDA 2020.4 and using latest version of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
If I go to and try to fill out the contact us form Nvda will not allow you to review what you have typed into a edit box nor will it announce the next edit box when you hit tab to move to it. Only way to move to next edit box on the contact us form is to hit escape then tab to the next part of the form. This happens both when using MS Edge and Google chrome. Jaws reads the form correctly.
Here is the exact steps to see the issue.
Go to
move to the contact us form and hit enteer
move to the combo box that asks for the reason for the contact and tab to continue
now hit e to move to the first edit box which is first name
now try to tab to the next edit box which is last name. Nvda says nothing unless you hit the escape key between each edit box to be filled in.

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