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On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 06:06 PM, Don H wrote:
now hit e to move to the first edit box which is first name
now try to tab to the next edit box which is last name. Nvda says nothing unless you hit the escape key between each edit box to be filled in.
There was a discussion of this recently (and I need to find it, as I know I was part of it).

What are you expecting to hear?  I know that if NVDA is not set to read out letters as you type them, there is no way for it to know that a word is complete until you either hit space within an edit box, or tab out of it and then go back to it.  Words get recognized when they "become words" via whitespace of some kind being entered, or when you leave an edit box.  And when you leave an edit box with instant focus (in forms mode) being placed on another edit box makes the screen reader believe, quite logically, that this is what is important now, so it essentially "shuts itself up" before it even could say what you've tabbed out of.

That Escape is another way of signaling that the word is complete, but you have not yet left that edit box, so the word is read.

It's very similar for a much larger text box, where each word is not read until it "becomes a word" via separator, and the whole content of the box only if you do something to exit the box and come back to it, or to move back to the start of the text within the box, and do a "read all".

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