Re: problem filling out web form


On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 06:57 PM, Don H wrote:
Having to use the escape to get the next edit box to read is not a big issue but when you are typing in a large comment as part of the web form and you can not review what you have typed is a real problem.
Tab out, shift tab back in (or use a method of your choosing to exit the edit box, then jump right back in to it).  It's a workaround when the problem arises, but a simple one that I have yet to see not work.

And as you've just noted, this seems to be something about how at least one Chromium-based browser does things, and those use a very different rendering engine than Firefox does, which could account for the difference.

I'm not saying this shouldn't be looked into, but there is a quick and easy workaround.

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